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Dos and Don’ts of Outsourcing Lead Generation: A Call for Experts

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service offerings has secured your company for years with sustained customers.

Targeting your market is the right way to identify leads. One of the excellent strategies for identifying them is lead generation.

Call center companies are experts in providing many business owners with trained lead gen agents. If you realize you need to qualify quality leads for your business, this is for you.

Before you go into the path of outsourcing lead generation services for your company, read on!

Find out the best practices of lead gen services outsourcing. Furthermore, discover this business practice’s do’s and don’ts to smoothen your process and avoid the drawbacks.

Let’s get to business!

Lead Generation: Catching Your Audience Attention

If you asked marketing experts, many would tell you that catching your audience’s attention is tricky! Just look at it from the entertainment perspective. With so many fish in the sea, you would think that your “net” will capture many only if your net has no holes in it.

And with many businesses,’ that is the case.

The trickier it gets when you need to catch the right people whose needs match your brand’s product and purpose.

A Better Way: Outsourcing Lead Generation

Moreover, experts often allot about 50% of a company’s budget to build leads. There is a whole process of hiring marketing experts, building teams, and streamlining a process from searching, identifying, vetting, and finally winning leads.

Now, there is a better way to harness the power of lead generation: outsourcing lead-generation services.

You can save costs by building a physical facility for an in-house lead gen sales team.
However, while outsourcing smoothens your process, doing it right will be the only way to success. You need to understand outsourcing do’s and don’ts to maximize lead gen support for your company.

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1. Assign a Unique Team that Matches Your Brand's Identity

Fill in the gaps in your business process when you think out of the box and let your teams flow with how your business works.

2. Specify Tasks

Be more specific with the task and avoid assigning multiple roles. If one person can handle a related process, then specify it. As mentioned above, give a unique role that will reflect the task requirement to your team.

3. Maximize Using New Channels and Sales Funnel

Outsourcing to third-party providers can help you find new strategies apt to your specific brand. Also, you can choose to outsource a specific lead gen process instead of a full-suite service.

For example, you could do away with sales talk by calling agents and using website building and content marketing instead. There’ll be a lot of possibilities, and you only need to work with experts in these fields.

Outsourcing them will be more efficient since most will be contacting you offshore. From there f talented elad gen strategizers can emerge from your pool.

4. Choose the Right Outsourcing Partner That Fits Your Need

It is importin that once you have a prospective partner, you must deliberate well. But you can also do that effectively if you consult with them. No matter how long it can take or if you do not have all the time to scour your options, you must do it. That is the best practice to outsource your lead gen services.

5. Take advantage of OmniCahnnel Marketing

Here is an insider’s look at the process. Note that third-party companies supporting other businesses can take advantage of the need. They can offer packages or offer separate fees for different functions.

An aspect where fees can spike with your provider is acquiring additional support using different channels. You may pay separate services for email providers, phone answering services, and digital and content marketing from customer support.

This is where you must take advantage of omnichannel marketing support. With this in mind, your options can be reduced to finding a partner that offers first-rate omnichannel outsourcing services.

6. Be Ready to Present Your Sales Funnel.

Many mistakes are associated with outsourcing your lead gen support. As is often the case with startups and small businesses, they need to have a presentation of their sales funnel.

Be sure that when you outsource, you are already familiar with the steps of your sales process. This will also help you decide what part of the process you must outsource.

Maybe in the end, the best solution for you is an upgraded outbound customer service and not omnichannel marketing, or perhaps something that falls in between.

Mistakes to Avoid: The Don'ts

Like the practice mentioned above, regarding presenting your sales funnel and being ready, poor practices often make a bane out of sourcing your lead gen from remote providers. Aside from being unprepared, here are more DONTs to make the most of outsourcing to call centers and BPO:

call center agents talking

1. Relying on One Channel

If you look closely and deeply understand your sales process, you will be convinced that using a single channel that integrates all your customer support pathways is a boon!

Not doing this will cause you more than saving your company’s expenses from handling multiple channels for your lead gen process.

2. Not Qualifying Leads

Sometimes you want to hast the process and not qualify leads. Or if you have done it, only to have done it poorly.

Poor quality leads are a sign of wasted resources. Outsourcing will only do you good if you can identify the right prospects for your business. Any effort your outsourced agent makes will dissipate on air because they are talking to the wrong leads.
Avoid this.

Outsource and Outsmart!

Now with a third-party company to provide you with a lead gen support team, you can relax and cut through the tedious processes. Hire and manage employees with less cost and effort without cutting off efficacy.

You can outsmart other competitors who are also outsourcing lead generation services when you are committed to doing the best practices.

Ultimately you can outsmart yourself from bad habits when prospecting leads for your business.

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