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BPO Challenges: Avoiding Outsourcing Mistakes and Crafting Successful BPO Strategies

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Your BPO provider is doing a great job! Until you encountered its pitfall. Of course, you will worry and panic. You will ask if this is a partnership worth pursuing.

But looking back and looking at all the deliverables on hand, your BPO providers were able to knock off every task in the list with flying colors.

However, there will be times when it will come with challenges and pitfalls.

That should not cause you a ton of sweat. We got you, and we prepared this comprehensive guide that shows you exactly what those pitfalls are.

Tread this guide until the end because after you have a clear view of those gaps in the BPO partnership, you will gain a better understanding of what to do and how to avoid them.

Isn’t that should be your goal? Maintaining a smooth and sustainable BPO relationship is still the dead end of the business partnership you have with your BPO provider. You are in for a treat if that is your north star for your business! Let’s learn!

Common Pitfalls that Businesses Can Fall Into When Outsourcing

Before you can craft a successful BPO alliance story, you must be able to identify the gaps and the hurdles. Those challenges are your Olympic torch that will set as your pathway light while running the tight business competition.

Understand the pitfalls that businesses often encounter with BPO outsourcing. The following list will also define the strategies and bring you advice from what expert call center leaders would teach you.

Pitfall #1: Unclear Expectations that You Set with Your BPO Partner

Okay. so you got a deal with a BPO company. The future looks bright. There were memos and agreements that you signed. Feeling that everything is going great, only when you look into the details the statements are vague. You might already be receiving deliverables, but then you unrealized, “Wait, something is lacking”. That happens with most business partnerships, especially if you are a big company with many complex systems and processes.

An example is with Medical call centers and BPO in the health industry. A company with healthcare services will encounter many different systems, from patient handling to accounting of the patient’s bill. A lack of clear guidelines about the process is a common setback.

Another is with small start-ups. Usually, if you’re starting a business and have no clear expectations within your firm, of course, you will fall into a trap that you expect a BPO provider to do all the seamless work. But it is not. Do not fall into this hole as a business owner. Set your expectations clear.

Late at the end of this blog, you will learn essential tips for setting clear goals and expectations.

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Pitfall #2: Not Doping Enough Research

Not doing your research can lead to many dilemmas. Failed subjects, systems not working properly. Crashes on your technology and tools and many other issues. All because you haven’t done your assignment. If you are a business owner and want to have a successful alliance with the outsourcing company then you must get to know them first. Have a background check about them.

An MDPI% study revealed that businesses that sustain their outsourcing partnerships are the ones who are prepared for the challenges. How were they able to manage them? They research!

Have you fact-checked your chosen BPO company? Are they fit for your industry? Knowing their success might not be enough, they may have a different specialization, and there is a pitfall that you must see ahead. If they are unfamiliar with your industry, they may cause you more trouble and losses than success.

You can avoid that with enough research.

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Pitfall #3: Your Business and your BPO Provider Have No Clear Risk Management Plan

You can relate this with #2. With a lack of research, you are also having no risk management plan. Just ask yourself: “When there is a tragedy or an emergency, what will you do?#”

Risk are indispensable. In this fast-changing world and ever-evolving landscape, the world will face disasters, economic crashes, inflation, and more!

There are risks taking place already! The question now is, does your BPO partner have a plan?

Ask them this and, have clear expectations, and create a seamless plan to implement when the day you need to manage the risk comes.

Pitfall #4: Offshore Risk and Data Insecurity

Conflicts and misunderstandings can result from cultural differences when you outsource from offshore BPOs. Diversity in the BPO culture is brought about by having to work with various remote employees. Most would come from faraway countries that are out of reach by your domestic BPO headquarters.

An outsourcing and offshoring setup often endanger data security situations. Due to a lack of clear communication, lack of monitoring, and other reasons.

This is a common risk, but a successful outsourcing project must guarantee cultural sensitivity and strong data security safeguards.

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Walking Out Safe from the Pitfalls

As we end this discussion, it is best to walk out of the danger of BPO outsourcing armed with knowledge and effective strategies that shield you from the common dangers.

Let us now give you final tips for safeguarding your partnerships and alliances:

  • Outline your project’s goals, deadlines, and anticipated results in clear terms.
  • Updates on a frequent basis are important to monitor progress, resolve issues, and make necessary adjustments.
  • Utilize digital tools for effective project management and communication by using collaboration tools.
  • Conduct rigorous due diligence on possible BPO partners.
  • Examine their performance history, professional standing, and client testimonials.
  • Check for sector Experience: To capitalize on their domain expertise, collaborate with providers who have experience in your sector.
  • Make sure your partner has access to the most up-to-date technology and resources necessary to meet your demands.
  • Navigating the Terrain of Risk Analysis: craft fail-safe strategies for their containment.
  • Ascertain the presence of a legally binding covenant delineating obligations, conflict resolution mechanisms, and egress protocols with Juridical Framework Mastery.
  • Vital Performance Metrics (VPMs): Institute VPMs as benchmarks for impartial performance evaluation.
  • Engage in recurring scrutinies to guarantee excellence and fidelity to predefined benchmarks.
  • Devise a lucid course of exit strategy – course of action for contingencies where the collaboration fails to meet preconceived expectations.

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