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Customer satisfaction should always be the end goal of your customer service options, and our 24/7 live web chat services can ensure that no customers go without assistance. Whether you are an international company serving multiple time zones or a smaller local business without any extra workforce, we can provide the chat service that your business needs.

Live Chat Customer Support

Our outsourced live chat support allows customers to ask for help or further details about your company without needing to call in, enabling chat agents to close cases quickly and easily. Our well-developed chat system ensures that you will not require employees on standby waiting for low-importance calls and gives customers an easier way to get in touch.

Being able to weed out less vital complaints or requests keeps your core customer service lines and staff open for the more serious situations and can free up the workforce to work on other priorities. Live chat can even become a sales tool if used correctly, and our chat service is highly flexible in providing client companies with the support they need.

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Another Communication Channel

There is no denying that phone-based live support is necessary for running any business and building a reliable customer service system. However, it doesn’t need to be the only option.

Outsourced live chat is simpler, easier, cheaper, and much more convenient to run for a large number of customers at once. It is a near-instant source of customer service.

A good chat service can dramatically increase customer satisfaction by offering an immediate way to get the advice or information that a customer needs.

The more communication channels you have, the more your business can provide the right kind of service to each customer. Our live web chat services can become the cornerstone of your day-to-day customer service and will take the pressure off your normal channels.

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Live Chat Outsourcing

While it might only take a single employee to handle your live web chat communications, you need to consider the bigger picture.

That employee is only there during work hours, and they might not always be one hundred percent available to take on more chat messages.

Even a single day of missed chat messages or sub-par support can reflect poorly on your business.

There is also the fact that chat can be overwhelming. 24/7 live web chat support is daunting for many businesses, but our live chat agents’ service is always available.

A few of our agents can provide you with the customer service results that you need to keep your customers happy and can pass any complex or urgent issues to a full-time employee.

Outsourcing this kind of work gives your regular employees fewer responsibilities to balance, takes the stress of customer service off their shoulders, and enables you to focus on your business instead of your customers.

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24/7 Chat Live Chat Service

An employee can’t quickly reply to chat messages after working hours, even if they were getting bombarded with more requests for information or customer complaints. Many also will not want to respond to them – after all, it is not part of their job, and nobody wants to work outside of their regular hours without being paid extra.

Our 24/7 customer service support ensures that we always have at least one person operating your chat system, ready to provide customer satisfaction in both the middle of the day and the night. After-hours chat services can be one of the most common times for customers to bring up urgent complaints or issues, fast responses can be essential to retain their business.

Beyond that, an immediate response from a chat agent is bound to increase customer satisfaction. This is especially true for companies that serve customers in more than one time zone since some may only be active overnight or later in the day – giving customers less time to contact you during your regular working hours.

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We can adapt how we handle our live chat service to suit your business’ needs and preferences. Want us to use a specific tool? Want us to save chat transcripts so that you can review them at a later date? We can quickly provide tweaks and changes like that, giving you the exact kind of customer service team you need without any extra stress or complications.

Our live chat support agents are experienced and well-trained in customer service roles and responsibilities. When we take on customer service work for a new client, we ensure that they get the best results possible, and their customers walk away satisfied with their service.

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Peace of Mind

Having our chat agents standing by to handle your customer service needs makes a big difference. Even larger companies can struggle to maintain a proper customer service team of the correct scale, especially when many calls are simply looking for information that can be copy-and-pasted into the chatbox.

Our suite of different chat support options and our wide range of skills allow us to take over the bulk of the work, saving your staff for situations where their expertise is needed. Not only does this make your chat service less reliant on your employees, but it can increase customer satisfaction by making sure that their messages are always responded to.

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Boost Service, Boost Sales

Our outsourced live chat service work is not just meant to keep customers happy.

We also aim to help boost your sales and improve your long-term reputation with your customer base, making sure that they have a fast, reliable, consistent support channel that they can use whenever they need to contact your business.

Even the most minor changes to your customer service system can make a massive difference to how your brand is perceived.

Building a great relationship with your customers means giving them the support and communication that they need, so it can be essential to set up multiple channels of communication.

Our staff is on standby and ready to start working with our following big clients. If you want to know more about what we can offer, then get in touch today, and we can break down the many ways our chat services can benefit your business.

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