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There’s only a little time in a day to fit in all your tasks. Work smart!

Outsource to a BPO company to help you strategically distribute your resources — time, money, effort, and workforce. See what our BPO services can do for you.

Apex Call Centers offers a comprehensive suite of BPO solutions to accommodate all business’ back-office support. Its client list has been expanding each year and it has decided to up the ante and offer new ones. Apex has very satisfied clients who have trusted the company with tasks on data entry or data processing, medical coding and billing, order processing, accounting, legal outsourcing, loans service, credit card processing, loan and credit card debt collection, applied engineering, and social media customer care.

Data Entry

Outsourcing this job would be the best way with Apex Call Centers doing the task for you. Everything would be done according to how you want it to be.

Order Processing

We have a whole team of skilled individuals who have a good background in doing order processing.

Accounting Services

Our well trained accountants are perfect for the task and can work under pressure, too.

Medical Coding and Billing

Outsourcing this kind of task to us, you can be sure that all of your company’s and business’ documentation would be properly and meticulously coded and billed.

Legal Outsourcing

We have a huge team of legal workers who are well versed when it comes to all the legalese that comes with these tasks.Work is done in a timely manner and all details are given proper attention.

Loan Service

We will be the one communicating with the individuals who have taken loans from the company that outsourced the job. We will make sure that the interests and dues are paid on time and that the files are updated.
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Apex Call Centers offers flexible pricing to meetyour business needs.

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