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APEX is a company dedicated to telephone services for more than 6 years.

Our first-rate infrastructure, strategic recruitment, and progressive training processes have helped us achieve sustained growth, serving world-class companies.

APEX has a combination of technology and leadership team with over 100 combined years of experience to stand out in the industry with proven results.

The APEX Advantage

  • Reduce your operational and management costs
  • Quality that matches your expectations and carries your brand values
  • Ensure peace of mind as we handle your customer service & support with care
  • Ability to scale quickly

Why Outsource To Us?

With over 200 experienced customer care professionals, we serve as the face of communication for your business. Outsource customer service, technical support, and other inbound calls to our center and increase productivity for your business.

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Inbound Call Center Solution

Inbound Tele-Services, Customer Service & World Class Customer Support. Be assured of a scalable, efficient, and affordable Inbound Call Center Solution.

Our dedicated professionals have the expertise to provide prompt and efficient responses while managing a high volume of customer calls. With a option of 24/7 team focusing on customer calls, your business can provide immediate support solutions. Outsourcing your inbound calls is one of the most beneficial and cost-effective solutions for your business.

Partner with us today. Call: +1 (888) 674-2784

Chat Support Services

Get ahead of traditional communication methods by utilizing our attentive customer service chat services. Live chat support allows customers to reach your company at the exact moment they have a question.

We have dedicated customer service professionals that provide chat support such as:

  • Website chat services
  • 24/7 live chat services
  • Text message chat services
  • Social media chat services
  • Video chat customer service

Have questions? Let’s connect. Call: +1 (888) 674-2784

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Help Desk Services

Give your customers the attention that they need. Our help desk professionals will serve as the first point of contact when your customers are faced with an issue, offering unmatched customer service and technical support.

Our help desk support and services include:

  • Monitoring, tracking and reporting customer calls, requests, incidents, and comments
  • Supporting customers online and over the phone
  • Resolving technical issues remotely
  • Assigning and resolving IT help desk tickets
  • Training help desk call center staff to know everything there is to know about products and any changes or updates they may have

Order Taking

Many favor online shopping for its easy click-to-order checkout process and fast shipping turnaround. Yet with such a high demand for online shopping, there are some drawbacks that can prevent consumers from finalizing their orders.

Create the ideal online retail support service with APEX Call Centers. Our team will receive customized training to answer detailed questions about your products or services.

Help your customers feel confident about what they are purchasing. After all, it’s easier to speak with a friendly customer service representative whenever questions arise that cannot be found on the product page.

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Technical Support

Technical issues are inevitable but your frustration doesn’t have to be. With cutting-edge resources, our dedicated IT personnel are always at your disposal to assist your customers when any issues arise.

All kinds of organizations can benefit from technical support as it contributes to business growth. Outsourcing these services provides instant and inexpensive communication to your customers.

By trusting APEX Call Centers with your customers, you are relying on skilled contact center agents who can enhance communication with clients and provide round-the-clock technical support.

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We don’t have fancy numbers to boast of, but many success stories to talk of. How we change frowns to smiles, anger to satisfaction, and yellers to ambassadors.

Let’s talk. We can work together with an experience that lasts long is a mutually beneficial.

And, We Are Certified

Our expertise in offering call center solutions is validated by various certifications.

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