Types Law Firm Call Center Services

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Law firms must often provide their clients with reliable call center services. These services can range from basic customer service to more complex tasks such as legal advice and document preparation.

These law firm call center services can range from basic customer service to more complex tasks such as legal advice and document preparation.

A law firm’s services vary greatly depending on its size and expertise. For instance, some firms may focus on one type of law, like family or criminal law. On the other hand, others may provide various services, from planning their estates to negotiating contracts.

Law firms and corporate legal departments often use this service to outsource tasks like legal research, document review, and making a document and writing a contract. Also, they provide a remote attorney who fits a specific type of business.

What are The Main Types of Legal Calls That are Outsourced

Outsourcing legal calls is becoming increasingly popular. Law firms help small or large companies create a smoother business and workflow. 

A company manager can focus on their core competencies and save time and money. Agents at call centers are trained in legal studies and may get hired as on-call lawyers to give clients the most accurate and up-to-date legal information they can. 

The most common legal outsourcing calls are document review, drafting, research, and other specialized legal tasks. Here’s an in-depth explanation of each.

Legal Writing

In a legal outsourcing services company, legal writing is writing client interactions, and it means:

  • Writing scripts for customer service reps to use when dealing with sensitive or private information 
  • Keeping written records of customer complaints or disputes.

You won’t have to worry about outsourcing legal transcription services because all center companies train their staff to follow all laws and rules. The Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act are some laws and regulations that a call center must follow.

Litigation Support Services

Attorneys and law firms use litigation support services to manage better and organize each case. These legal outsourcing service calls involve:

  • Expert Witness Consultation
  • Data Analyzation
  • E-Discovery
  • Documents Management

Some companies specialize in providing litigation support services to law firms. In contrast, others offer these services as part of a broader range of legal consulting services. 

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Paralegal Support

A paralegal would give clients legal advice through a customer service call center over the phone. Some examples of this kind of help are:


  • Legal Intake Services
  • Answering law, rights, and case questions
  • Suggestions and solutions to handling legal problems
  • Explanations of standard legal procedures. 
  • Review and summarize legal documents. 


Paralegals in call centers may also ensure that the firm follows local, national, and state laws and rules. This job in some companies also involves using databases to track and analyze customer interactions.

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What are the Main Reasons for Outsourcing Legal Calls?

Legal process outsourcing services can benefit any business as they help them save time and money. Companies can focus their resources on critical tasks and core competencies by outsourcing legal calls. Using these services could be very helpful for law firms that get a lot of calls or have clients in faraway places.

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