Types of Data Entry Services

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It is essential to understand what type of data entry services you need and what you are looking for in a company. 

Do you need a company that offers a wide range of services, or do you need something more specific tasks, including transcription, audio and video processing, invoice processing, and document management?

Companies like healthcare, finance, and retail now demand the services of Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) companies to assist them. One of the essential BPO services they might need involves updating and keeping important information. 

They could get help managing massive data sets for processing business transactions.

If a mundane task like data entry is given to a more efficient team, it can take away time-consuming tasks. Then they can use this saved time for more critical parts of the business, like planning strategic initiatives. 

Outsourcing services from BPO helps many industries stay above their competitors. 

If you want business growth and productivity but need help with the workforce, consider BPO. But first, read this blog to know what you’re getting into, okay?

What is a Data Entry Service?

Data entry outsourcing services are what every business needs to put into and pull data from computer databases and ensure data security and enhanced workflow. 

Individuals or BPO companies can offer this quality service, ranging from simple data entry to complex data management and analysis.

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What Are The Types Of Data Entry Services?

Data entry solutions do time-consuming tasks, but it’s more than just typing in survey results and converting formats. 

In this list, you should know about other data entry service types you may need.

Manual Data Entry

As the name suggests, manual data entry is a human manually putting data into a computer system or database by hand. 

There are multiple common-sense ways to get data into a computer system, such as the steps below:

  • An employee typing one by one customer information, inventory records, and financial transactions 
  • A person is filling out online forms with a mouse and keyboard. 
  • An employee with the skill to compare the paper document or electronic spreadsheet from the data source.

Employees who handle manual data entry are responsible for making sure that the data reports are:

  • Accurate
  • Complete 
  • Fast 
  • On-time 
  • Secure

Automated Data Entry

Automated Data Entry happens when a BPO agent uses or authorizes software to automatically record and enter data into a computerized system. To do this, they will use the following:

  • Optical character recognition (OCR) software pulls text from scanned documents or images (or image data entry).
  • Algorithms for machine learning – automatically finding data from structured and unstructured resources and pulling it out.

After data experts enter the data into the system, the software can do the following:

  • Checking Accuracy
  • Make it error-free
  • Format it as needed
  • Secure all details
  • Monitoring variety

Data Processing

Data processing is about taking raw data and making it useful for analysis or decision-making. It makes data more understandable by:

  • Removing duplicate entries
  • Filling in missing values
  • Conversion of format
  • Checking Sources
  • Compress Volumes

Those are essential steps because you might be working with inaccurate or incomplete information without properly processed data which is harmful to a company and client.

Data Conversion

Data conversion is about changing one type of data into another so that different systems or programs can use it. This may involve using platforms like Google services and Microsoft to conduct the following examples:

  • Convert a DOC file to PDF
  • Convert a CSV file to an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Convert text files into a binary file.

This critical process helps ensure that various systems and programs can use data with a quick turnaround time. This is extremely helpful, especially when processing survey data

Data Mining

Data mining is the process of pulling helpful information out of big sets of data. It’s like digging for gold in a mine, except we’re looking for essential ideas.

Businesses and organizations can make better decisions and improve their operations through research for patterns and trends in their data. Some standard techniques used in data mining include:

  • Using data extraction tools
  • Clustering
  • Classification
  • Association Rule Mining

Enter The World of BPOS's Data Entry

That’s the whole group of five! There are many different kinds of data entry services, and each provides benefits for specific needs. It is more cost-effective and 100% efficient than bothering in-house employees. 

The key to outsourcing data entry services is knowing what you want and finding a data entry services company that best provides it.

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