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In-Demand Types of Call Center Outsourcing for 2023

customer service representatives on a call on the floor

Outsourcing call center services are becoming more popular as businesses look for ways to cut costs and work more efficiently. In 2023, there will be a higher demand for several call center outsourcing services. Outsourced call center services help companies manage customer service and technical support operations.

Types of Inbound & Outbound Call Centers

Inbound call centers take calls from people who want to ask questions, while outbound call centers make calls to promote and inform. There are call centers with blended call services to help you better. Here are the types of calls that they do:

Customer Service Support

Customer service support utilizes a systematic phone system to assist customers with any concern, particularly their experience and interaction with:

  • Product
  • Service
  • Staff member

They also handle any follow-ups and confirmations. To outbound, customer service support usually informs the customers about any changes in their policies or services.

smiling customer service representative facing computer wearing headset

Technical Support

If a customer has a technical problem with a product or service, technical support can help. Most of the time, these are people asking for help with their specialized products like:

  • Cell phones
  • Computers
  • Internet service providers (ISP)
  • Software
  • Other electronic or mechanical goods.
hand holding wrench out of the monitor

Sales Inquiries

In Sales Inquiries, people call and ask for any sales quotation. If the company is subscription based, this call might be an inquiry about the amount when they extend subscriptions. 

If they are already customers, the outbound call to do is called “warm calling.” But if not, then this is the first opportunity before a potential customer becomes a lead.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is growing a business by calling new customers or people who haven’t shown any interest in the industry before to get them to become leads. This type of outbound call is referred to as “cold calling.” 

happy call center agent on a call

Appointment Setting

Setting up an appointment differs from lead generation, which only tries to find new customers. On the other hand, setting up an appointment with a close sales rep is a way to bring in new customers so you can sell to them.

appointment setting

Order Taking

Order taking has an inbound process that call center workers always use to take customer orders. In outbound, a representative may call a customer about changes to the order, payment, or delivery.

woman taking orders

Market Research

Market research calls are also an effective way to improve a business. Representatives call current or potential customers to find out their feedback or what they know about the business or services. It’s like a survey done on a call. They may ask you:

  • If you’ve seen or used their most recent products or services.
  • How you felt about the product or service on a scale
  • Any other information that can help them make their product or service better.
marketing research

The Benefits

Outsource inbound call center or outsourcing outbound call center services have benefits like gaining access to:

  • Experienced or well-trained call center representatives
  • Advanced technology for data and information
  • Specialized services like blended calls
  • More audiences and leads

Competitive Outsourcing Provider to Upscale Your Business

There is a lot of competition in the call center outsourcing market, and different providers offer different service levels and price options.

Customers can ask questions, get help with technical issues, and place orders through these services. These call center services can also improve the business’s products and services and get more leads.

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