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How to identify the best sales representatives in a job interview?

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Anyone responsible for hiring aims to find the right candidate. We all want the best elements to work in our company, partners, department heads, recruitment, etc. We would like salespeople and administrative staff that we can count on, hire people who will perform according to the demand of the company. Few managers are 100% successful when choosing from the long list. This data will help you find the right team.

Qualities of The Best Sales Representative

Willing to Learn

All salespeople must have the availability to learn. There is constant training, group interactions, or personal training. They must remember that they need to grow together with the company. Have a sales team that wants to improve more and more.

Interview questions:

  • Tell me about a wake-up call that has been made to you and how did you respond?
  • What do you think of continuous training in your sales area?

Winner Mentality

You will have to analyze and discover winning mentalities, wanting to get ahead, giving the extra, and not salespeople who get involved. You need a group of salespeople and closers who won’t rest until they try every possible way to get the sale. A team with competitive people is occupied, and that competition is used as an extra sales motivation. People who do not believe in failure.

Interview questions:

  • What motivates you to work in the sales position?
  • Let’s think you called me on the phone to offer me your services and not in a job interview, sell me something.

Courage and Confidence

Being a successful salesperson takes courage. The Sales team has impediments and challenges, most of the time, the customer receives the call with rejection. Sales reps must earn the customer’s trust, they must have the courage to connect and establish a relationship. Some people mistake courage for arrogance, but that is the least sought-after.

His insurance agent and his product transmit value and trust to the client, and show honesty and sincerity, with that the client feels confident to ask.

Interview questions:

  • How do you handle rejection?
  • What do you like best about sales and what do you like least about the selling process?
  • What would you do if your manager asks you to sell something and the customer will have problems?

These are some points to take into account, they can help you to be more successful when interviewing a candidate. When the commitment arises, choose the one who accepts to learn and improve, to have a winning mentality, the courage and confidence will lead the sales to the desired numbers. 

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