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Emails are not just meant to be available during business hours (8am-8pm, Monday-Friday). Many companies struggle to keep on top of their customer emails, especially if they receive a lot of them after hours when nobody is in the office. Leaving an urgent email to sit for even a couple of hours could lose you a customer’s business – or even a new marketing opportunity.

Our email support outsourcing services allow you to put all that burden on us instead, focusing on keeping your company growing while our expert staff handles emails 24/7. We have a wide range of experts from different fields, all fully prepared to take charge of your customer emails and weed out anything that can be resolved quickly.

Live Email Management

A single email might only take a minute or two to respond to , but this can become a significant time-waster if you get hundreds of emails per week, even if you have templates. Some emails will also be more in-depth, requiring information to be bounced around different parts of your business until the customer queries or complaints can be answered.

Leaving your email management in our hands means that your employees are not stuck answering emails constantly, allowing them to focus on more productive and important work. The last thing you need is valuable experts overloaded with emails all asking similar questions.

Our outsourcing email support services are very versatile, and we can easily tackle many problems. No matter what you need, we can find a solution that works for you and tailor our work to match your business needs as closely as possible.


Our staff can quickly answer any basic questions and queries you receive using our shared knowledge of your business. More serious questions and issue are directed to any professionals that can answer them.

Larger-scope emails, such as major sales prospects, can be sent to your sales staff or any other relevant people and team.

This means that we can weed out all of the simpler, more tedious emails – leaving you with only the ones that need your company’s expertise to answer or resolve.

Customer inquiries can be time-consuming, so outsourcing to our email customer service team allows you to put your efforts elsewhere.

It also means that busy experts can be spared from menial responses, only having to answer questions that require their expertise or knowledge.

For example, in a situation we can answer simple customer inquiries, attend to customer feedback and review, refund request, send customer thanks and we’ll forward to you more pressing issue like business partnership.

group of call center agents working

Customer Service

Not only can we offer a reliable customer service team due to our staff’s in-depth knowledge of keeping customers happy and resolving complaints, but we can tailor it to your business needs and preferences. 

If you want particular kinds of complaints to be logged and passed along to a professional within your company, then we can set up a system that allows for that.

The flexible nature of our customer service efforts means that we can provide email support services exactly that you want. 

If you need us to do full-scale email customer service, we can, but we are also able to adapt to smaller roles or tackle particular parts of your customer service needs.

Whether it is customer questions or complaints, we can handle anything that does not need immediate attention from you or your employees. 

Since our entire process is very flexible, we are happy to provide whatever specific kind of inbound services you need, even if that means passing certain types of emails straight to your specialists.

customer service representative on a call


Some businesses rely on emergency alerts, ranging from emails about clients changing providers to individual customers suffering a system failure in their electrical products.

We can process these emails quickly and efficiently, ensuring they are sent to the right on-call employees or contractors as needed.

Simple changes like this can allow your business to make major strides in certain key areas, taking some time-consuming responsibilities off your employees so they can focus on other work.

We can also ensure that you are kept up-to-date on any emergencies or last-minute emails sent our way.

Like the rest of our service, this is flexible, meaning that we can tailor this work to your company’s needs and current structure.

We can try to provide whatever you are looking for in a customer service team, as well as numerous other benefits and potential options.

Why Use APEX Call Centers?

We at APEX Call Centers are experienced in a wide range of different processes and services and will quickly adapt to whatever systems your company currently uses, may it be a CRM, online integration, website and more. Outsourcing your email processing to us can save you time and money while also boosting your image to your customers.

Customer service email is one of the most convenient communication methods on the internet, and you need to have a good handle on using it. Large and small companies often struggle to process their emails correctly, and to lose a potential customer or client only takes one mistake.

Send us a message or call our number at + 888 350 1433 for customer service emails services. We are one of the leading call centers in USA, so you can be sure that your business is in good hands. 

Reduced Costs

Our services are cheaper than hiring an entirely new set of employees for your business and are meant to be lower than many competing teams. 

We want our work to be affordable and convenient at all times.


Leaving us to tackle your email response services ensures that you are not struggling with that work, allowing you to stay focused on more important things and keep the pressure off your employees. 

We can ‘screen’ emails and deal with the less important ones ourselves, only getting you involved if something seems important.

Higher Quality

We aim for maximum quality with our customer-facing work, tailoring each service to the company that we are working for. 

This can often mean building up specific methods of working with your company that perfectly match your needs and your weaknesses or strengths.

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