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Dispelling The Myths of BPO (Clarifying the Truths- PART 1)

agent handling calls for their clients

This article answers the most controversial questions about BPO outsourcing its industry, processes, and some of its upsides and drawbacks. 

BPO as a third-party services provider, cannot do away with myths and misconceptions. It lets leaders and companies in call centers navigate the truth, clarify their goals, and use its advantages for its greater purpose. 

Get the unbiased facts; herein lies BPO myths debunked!

BPO and Outsourcing Challenges to Confront

In the intricate realm of business process outsourcing (BPO), where paradigms constantly shift, misconceptions often cast a veil over its multifaceted nature. Behind the misinterpretations and miscued assumptions are facts, where BPO industries foster and become pillars for many successful businesses. 

The facts about BPO would still outweigh its limitations. The essence of myths is that it confronts the weaknesses of a system. In this case, with outsourcing to BPO service providers and call centers, myths help those seeking the truth get clarification.

It helps the truth seeker be a force to reckon with because they have faced the downsides and learned the ropes about building a successful outsourcing strategy. Dismantling these illusory beliefs becomes the compass that will guide business operators to seize the advantages of partnering with BPO companies. 

Buckle up, and let’s get into a healthy discourse on debunking the most prevalent myths, exposing the vibrant truths that transform BPO into indispensable strategic global enterprises.

Finding the Fact Out of the BPO Labyrinth

Myth 1: The Phantom Menace of Control Erosion

When business owners think of outsourcing, they are taken aback by a dominating fear of lack of control when outsourcing to BPO providers.

There are two issues with this so-called fear. And it would help if you got the proper perspective to see the truth behind the lack of control issue. 

First, ask yourself, business owners, is lack of control a problem? When does it only become an issue? The lack of control is vague. For one, this misconception has an equivalent advantage only if we use the proper wordings. The lack of control came front the aim of outsourcing companies to free up minor tasks and time-consuming processes from the leaders and operators of the business.

As a result, outsourcing services help you reduce your control to unimportant processes and let you take full control of the core responsibilities a CEO must focus on.

CEO working on with paper works

Picture This

You are the CEO, and you are spending your time managing spreadsheets, data entry, and consuming your energy for back office tasks. Just because you want to ensure all process follows standards, you take the job meant for back office staff into your hands. Or you want to control your CX department, and the CEO volunteered to answer the call. 

A wise business owner will hand over these jobs to their rightful keepers. 

Your lack of control can lead to missed opportunities. When can you let a service provider tackle these standard business operations?
In return, you gain more control which should be exerted on strategizing, forecasting, monitoring, and decision-making. 

Myth 2: The Mirage of Data Insecurity

Are you scared of data breaches? This is common among businesses when they go against outsourcing.
It is due to the nature of the process where you need to hire a workforce externally. This will also echo more for industries handling sensitive data like law firms or financial institutions. 

Hiring third-party employees can spark fear of data theft and foster data insecurity.
But what is going on here? Why is this such a myth?

While third-party services provides come with risks with them, these risks are mitigated with complex policies that also protect clients and providers.

Before taking in outsourced agents to be a part of your private corporation, a layer of policy memorandums is strictly applied. Adherence from both parties is also regulated. BPO companies are experienced in handling strict confidentiality with their patents. All the more when you can connect with reliable and trusted companies known in the industry!

data security using a laptop

Myth 3: The Paradox of Cultural Diversity

Call center services and BPOs boast of their dynamic, culturally diverse workforces. Many believe that diversity is an asset to a company. It attracts significant clients, business partners, and support from various movements and communities. 

However, a misconception that cultural diversity often results in a drawback that involves misunderstanding and conflict internally.

Beneath the notion that bilingual and cultural fault lines fracture BPO’s spirit of synergy, herein lies the paradox—the global coterie of BPO artisans, a confluence of vernacular and cultural nuance. 

It gives a song advantage among BPOs with bilingual agents. They had learned from each other differences, and they had built strong camaraderie and a system the belongingness that bonds their diverse workforce.

Myth 4: Flexibility vs Adaptability (Short-term Solutions vs. Long Terms Partnership)

Suppose you are a business owner venturing into many partnerships. In that case, you have faced the tug of war between flexible and long-term employees.

BPO companies would often sell their asset with flexible workforces. You can benefit from flexibility with your staff’s working contracts and schedules of shafts. If you don’t need their service anymore, you can brush off the burden of keeping them in your company longer. While true, it fostered some assumptions that BPO can harm a company’s reputation by laying off its staff.

Here is the shocking truth about this. Only if you can work with a leading call center that has been n the business for years, are you safe and can be free from the worry of housing long-term staff for short-term projects.

Leading call centers have a customized strategy to keep their members and find continuous opportunities. In that manner, you are leaving the role of recruitment and training and finding clients for your offshore staff. BPO companies must take that job from you! That goes hand in hand with adaptability. Agents are trained to take on diverse tasks. Top BPOs learn in the long run or cross-train their agents to jump from one industry and role to another.

shaking hands for global partnership

More Myths to Debunk!

This is only part of our road to debunking misconceptions about outsourcing to BPOs! 

Stay tuned! These Are only Myths 1 to 4, and there are ten more facts to discover! Get in touch with other posts to learn the nit and grit of top-notch outsourcing services!

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