10 phone sales strategies: Sales psychology and tips for selling over the phone

man holding phone with earphones on

Since buying decisions are emotional, this process is dominated by unconscious factors. To make your telephone sales strategy work properly, here are these psychological and communication tricks that you can implement to sell more and increase agents’ performance when making calls.

1. Facilitate the purchase process through simple and small steps.

If the purchase is difficult for the customer, he/she is likely to give up. Conduct the sales process in small steps and offer positive reinforcement. Tell them how your product or service will solve their problems quickly. Mention the immediate delivery or the simplicity of the payment method. Tell them what the next step is to make the purchase. Provide solutions, not problems.

2. Use the sense of belonging.

If you tell your customer that they belong to the «VIP customer» group, they are likely to modify their behavior based on this categorization. You can also offer small gifts or free samples as a courtesy.

3. Know in depth and classify your potential customers.

Each buyer has a different process. By getting to know them, you can implement strategies designed for each case. For example, you can offer easy payment terms to attract customers who are not willing to spend a lot of money. This way, the price will seem lower but still be the same.

4. Ask questions to get them to answer «yes.»

This is another one of the infallible telemarketing techniques. Like a domino effect, if you have already said yes, a customer is more likely to say yes.

5. Evita las preguntas en las que puedan responder “no”.

Try to formulate questions that can hardly be answered with a negative.

6. Heuristics.

Heuristics have to do with the mind’s predisposition to make quick judgments and not change them or make them difficult to change. Making a good impression at the beginning of our contact will help us to better deploy our telephone sales strategy.

7. It generates a feeling of urgency and scarcity.

For this strategy to work, it is necessary to offer additional information, otherwise customers will not give it importance. This technique consists of generating the sensation that the product will not be available for a long time on special offer.

8. Social proof.

Social proof consists of providing the customer with a demonstration that proves that our product or service is used by many people and that it works perfectly. How does this trick work? When we have to make a decision, our brain is used to choosing the option that has social recognition, i.e. the one that has been chosen by the most people.

9. Use psychological pricing.

Have you ever wondered why supermarkets offer products at $9.99 instead of $10? This is because when we look at a price, our brain associates the first number we see with the total price.

10. Be empathetic.

As we said at the beginning, the buying process is emotional. Therefore, any telephone sales strategy seeks, in practice, to empathize with the potential customer. Make them feel important, give them your full attention and make them feel at ease.

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